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Lease Calculator

Now lease a brand new MINI in two easy steps

1. Select your MINI from the options below
The Benefits of Leasing

With features and benefits that our leasing products offer, you now have the opportunity to enjoy simplicity, flexibility and peace of mind.

No matter if you are an individual customer or a corporate customer, our leasing products are tailored to your individual needs and managed with a high level of service.

How it works
  • Select a new MINI model of your interest
  • Lease it for the period which best suits your needs*
  • Simply return the vehicle at the end of your lease
  • Select another new model to continue enjoying sheer driving pleasure
Features and Benefits
  • No down payment required
  • Up to 3 years lease contract
  • Mileage up to 25,000 km per year
  • Attractive and affordable fixed monthly payments
  • All-inclusive package
    • Car insurance
    • Car registration
    • Maintenance and service
    • Tyre replacement
    • Vehicle replacement
    • Roadside assistance

For any assistance or further information please contact your nearest AGMC showroom of MINI Financial Services**
*Terms and conditions apply
**MINI Financial Services is offered through BMW Albatha Leasing L.L.C

2. Select the duration of lease, mileage, tire change options for your MINI
12 36
10K 25K

The Lease calculator determines the monthly leasing amount based on the lease period, mileage and tire change option. However, the final leasing amount may vary based on the actual transaction details which will be decided at the time of invoicing. The leasing price is inclusive of value added tax (VAT), however may be subject to additional tax or compliance with any legal and regulatory requirements.